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Introducing the Milligenhof kennels

The Veluwe is one the most beautiful wooded parts of the Netherlands. It boasts a National Park and a Royal Palace. At the heart of the Veluwe, at a crossroads between major surrounding cities, the village of Nieuw Milligen is located. It was here that in the early twentieth century the horses of the Royal Stables were housed. The then stable master acquired a hotel which was later called “Milligenhof”. In 1996 I moved to the first house that was ever built in Nieuw Milligen. At this location I started to train and later breed Welsh Corgi Cardigans. From the end of 2014 I am located in Apeldoorn.

On this website you become acquainted with this very special breed of dogs, my dogs in particular, and the breeding program of the Milligenhof kennels.

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